About Company

About Organic Home

Organic Home is an all-inclusive Agra-based online store that has been conceived to fulfil the sophisticated home decoration and furnishing needs of the modern and minimalist households. An enterprising brainchild of two promising women entrepreneurs, Organic Home aims to position itself as an aspirational brand that mixes affordability and sustainability with an international look and feel. Seeking inspiration from original and unconventional designs and ideas, we have curated an exhaustive repository of contemporary home essentials that includes tasteful interior decor and furnishing pieces, innovative kitchen appliances and dining ware, classy bed and bathroom accessories, functional furniture and impressive lighting options. Choose any object of art from our elegant product line up - whether it is a designer light holder, a classy soap dish or a purposeful cheese board – you will discover that each dainty piece speaks volumes about our meticulous attention to details and our strive for top-notch quality and precision. Our motto is to formulate ingenious décor and furnishing accoutrements and aesthetic appliances that are highly purposeful, refreshingly unique and complement the personal styles of our esteemed clientele effortlessly.

Our Commitment Towards Our Environment

We care for our environment and continuously seek sustainable and eco-friendly designs and materials. All our products are manufactured in-house and handcrafted from brass, glass, stone and wood using state-of-the-art technology and the latest designs techniques. Leveraging our rich experience of over 23 years in the home décor and home furnishing space, we bring to the table an uncanny mix of novel interior decorating ideas and contemporary designs that defy conventional norms and set boundaries. Care is taken to retain the natural look and feel of the base materials in order to accomplish a superlative finish that is unparalleled and matchless when compared to any other run-of-the-mill offerings.

We Are All Around You

Organic Home has a global footprint with extensive presence in Europe and in the United States. In order to cater to our ever-increasing consumer base, we have launched our very own online store that will widen our reach further and help us cater to our widespread clientele seamlessly.

Our Vision

Strive for relentless innovation: Our products are exquisite works of art that are crafted thoughtfully and styled with an international appeal to strike a chord with our global audience. Whether you are seeking a quirky pillar candle holder, a stunning lotion dispenser, a suave cheese slicer, an eye-catching coaster or an androgynous cake stand - you will be amazed by our rich collection of out-of-the-box home accents and premium handcrafted products.

Wide-spread reach: Organic Home envisions itself as a global home decor and furnishing brand and aims to further extend its footprint by penetrating new and untapped destinations in the upcoming years.

Why Choose Us?

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams”. If you have been dreaming of living a tailor-made lifestyle that boasts breathtaking aesthetics and awe-inspiring home decor and home appliances, then look no further than Organic Home – your one-stop destination for stylish household products that are designed for nobody else but ‘You’.

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